Windows 10 App Essentials: try builds for hunting Google Chrome address bar problem


Hi all,


Given reports of issues with Google Chrome when using Windows 10 App Essentials 18.11, I would like your help in tracking this down. Below is a series of links to try builds for you to try:


Build 1 (shortly after release of Windows 10 App Essentials 18.10.1, the last version known to not cause problems for Chrome users):


Build 2 (address auto-complete in Edge):


Build 3 (changes made for Action Center):


Build 4 (backporting UIA performance fix from 2018.4):

Build 5 (shortly before release of Windows 10 App Essentials 18.11):

For these try builds:


  1. Install each of them in order. Ignore NVDA when it prompts you to update add-ons.
  2. After installing each build, use Chrome’s address bar to search for something and try navigating to search results.
  3. Be sure to let me know immediately when you encounter the problem where you have to use Alt+Tab to switch focus back to Chrome. When this happens, be sure to note down the build number you’ve just installed so I can track it down.


Once we find out which build is responsible for introducing this regression, I’ll send out one or two follow-up try builds to test changes. After that, the fix will be deployed to other systems – first to development snapshot users, followed by the general public in the form of version 18.11.1.


Thank you.



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