espeak issue fixed


Hi all.
Ok here is a solution to the espeak issue.
This will go on the skype group as well
Anyway, testing looks as if its the espeakdata itself either the phonem or the actual synth data.
What I did.
While I was not able to find previous releases of 2016-2015 in compiled form I was able to find via sourceforge 2014.4 and this had espeak in it.
I coppied over the espeakdata folder over itself in nvda program folder.
While this will have to be done for just about every coppy it does mean that while espeak will remain the new ng with the voice as it is, the squished crap is at least back to normal.
I have not tried to override the espeak dll but the link has 2 folders synthdrivers which has the old espeak state from 2014.4 and the new ng dataset.
Anyway, it looks like its the data files rather than the driver itself.
So if we can figure out what the hell is going on with this, then it may be easier to fix than we first thought.
Now I didn't replace the driver because although it has some harsh elements I wanted to see what this would do.
Its fixed it such that the mangled squished elements are gone.
This file will remain up until at least we can fix it.
Aniother way is to download the latest old espeak sapi and run it I have yet to see compiled ng binaries for windows sapi, etc so till we see that and as long as sourceforge keeps the depricated espeak project up we will be ok.
To the devs and such trying to solve this especially if you have access to the espeak list which I have no desire to handle and since this may happen on multiple platforms it seems to be the database itself or something in the database causing the trouble currently faced.
I am unsure about what part of the database is naff though, this will require some other beepstard to troubleshoot.
I'd like to but I have never fiddled with this and pluss I am not that interested.
For all users though this is one way out of the current issue for now.
The buty of this is as long as we replace the data we can still use the latest engine.
I will keep other units the same however as it is not needed that we fiddle with our units like this but at least for my own personal it will work.

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