Re: discord accessibility

Tyler Wood


I'm using discord reasonably enough. It does take some doing, but for what I do it's usable. Granted what I do is not all that much - I voice chat and text chat.

That being said, discord is *finally* taking accessibility seriously. Whether or not it's too late remains to be seen but recently, the mute and deafen buttons have finally gotten labeled, for instance.

Run the discord canary windows builds over at

You'll get updates daily and, despite the slow progress of accessibility improving, it very slowly is.

Hope that helps a little.

On 2018-10-29 7:39 PM, Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William wrote:
well, discord is mainly a platform for gamer, isn't it? It seemed not a platform that will pay much attention to accessibility.

Robert Kingett 於 29/10/2018 23:04 寫道:

You have a point, poster #3. I've been trying to get the developers to at least post accessibility updates, challenges, and the like, but things are moving sooooo slowly and, in some cases, not at all. It's a shame because while Slack is starting to become very accessible, everybody is moving onto Discord. Sigh. I love the idea of discord. I'm limited to slack though. Despite what many believe, many people still IM and email from a desktop.

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