Re: Adding comments in Word

Mallard <mallard@...>

Hello syleie,

It definitely helps, thanks! My friend will be happy to know that it's as simple s that!!!



Il 30/10/2018 15:51, Sylvie Duchateau ha scritto:

Hello Ollie,

When you finish writing the comment, just press escape to return to the text.

Hope this helps.


Le 30/10/2018 à 12:10, Mallard a écrit :
Hello all,

A friend of mine is a teacher. His students do their homework in Word, and he needs to corect them.

He'd like to insert comments to explain his corrections, and has found the keyboard shortcut to do so, but doesn't know how to return to the main text.

Would  anyone know if there's a shortcut to exit the comment and return to the place in the text where he left off?

Thanks in advance; I don't have Word installed, so I can't help him.



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