Re: Dumb question about writing posts in Wordpress

John J. Boyer

Sorry, neither of those approaches works. Pressing escape twice does nothing. If I'm in focus mode how do I get back to
browse mode. There doesn't seem to be a NVDA key for that. The post body is an editor. There must be a special ctrl or
alt keystroke to terminate it.


On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 04:14:59PM -0300, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi John,
You're probably on the focus mode.
Just get off of it and press tab some times, now you should be able to
continue with your post without problems.



Em 30/10/2018 15:02, John J. Boyer escreveu:
I'm just getting started with Wordpress. When I write a post the title is no problem. However, when I write the body I
can't terminate the editor and move on to the next field. What is the keystroke to terminate the editor? I can't find
that anywhere. Probably that's because it's obvious to the sighted, but it should have been explained.


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