Re: Dumb question about writing posts in Wordpress


John, truthfully, pressing tab just once for me tabs away from the
WordPress visual editor. You do need to press NVDA+space to exit
browse mode. As someone who has done WordPress for 8 years, as a site
owner myself, a hosting provider for primarily WordPress sites, & a
holder of a WordPress Support forum Contributor badge, I'm scarcely
"just guessing". Obviously I don't know what your setup is, ie, if
it's a virtual box where keystrokes may not work as expected, etc, but
tab does work. You may wish to try shift-tabbing back to the title box
& again, you'll find it necessary to press NVDA+space.

On 10/31/18, marcio via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I think Wordpress and Facebook aren't the same thing. See, Wordpress is
a blog manager platform, whereas Facebook is a social network.
But of course we can post everything we want both using Wordpress and
Facebook, although I believe there's a different purpose for each one.


Em 30/10/2018 22:45, Kevin escreveu:

Here’s an even dumber question,  what’s Wordpress

And why not just post in facebook, is it the same thing?

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Kevin Lee

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Hi John,

You're probably on the focus mode.

Just get off of it and press tab some times, now you should be able to

continue with your post without problems.




Em 30/10/2018 15:02, John J. Boyer escreveu:

I'm just getting started with Wordpress. When I write a post the
title is no problem. However, when I write the body I

can't terminate the editor and move on to  the next field. What is
the keystroke to terminate the editor? I can't find

that anywhere. Probably that's because it's obvious to the sighted,
but it should have been explained.


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