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I would much rather use nvda on a Dell computer then I would Jaws.

Some things to watch out for depending on the model.  Adele's are prone to this issue where Ctrl + alt + the arrow keys rotate the screen in various directions. This can be turned off if you know the make and model of the video card.these days, I don't think it impacts your use of nvda. However, if you try to get cited Assistance or show something to a person using the screen, they may have comments for you, haha..

Some Dell models use the function keys for Hardware functions. Personally, I find this very irritating.they do not have a utility that allows you to change this Behavior inside of Windows. You will have to get cited assistance to go into the BIOS and turn it off yourself, so that the operating system can have access to the function keys directly for software functions.

Believe It or Not, plugging in headphones can also be a bit tweaky. Dell likes to use combo Jacks, and a software will come up and ask what you want to use the jack for every time to plug in earphones.

I would rather have a Lenovo or an Asus myself, but there seems to be a lot of cheap Off Lease Dell Hardware around.    I just bought a refurbished Dell core i7 2.7 gigahertz, 8 gig RAM, and 250 gig SSD, for $ wouldn't have been my first choice, but I'm willing to live with Mike works for a computer of that Speck at that price.

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Hello Everyone:


How well do DELL computers work with NVDA?


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