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hi gene.
thanks so much for your helpful reply.
i did not know nvda f3 and i used nvda control f for finding items
again and again.
i really appreciate you God bless you!
moreover, which version of nvda do you have?
for me, nvda says find dialog, type the text you wish to find. edit blank.
also, i tried in focus mode and does not work for me.
instead, firefox find will be appeare and nvda says
toolbar: find in page edit blank.

On 11/2/18, Chris Mullins <cjmullins29@...> wrote:

Make sure you are in browse mode when you press NVDA+Ctrl+f and once search
text is entered, press NVDA+f3 to move to next instance, NVDA+shift+F3 to
move to previous instance. You must be in browse mode for it to work



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It's NVDA key, control, f.


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Subject: [nvda] find command


I have never had luck on a web page with NVDA finding text.

I have tried control + F

Insert + F

And insert + control + F

And it never finds text that is on the web page.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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