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Are you sure they have been deleted, booth Avast and AVG these days leave systems running unless you use a bespoke removal program. I know the one for avast is avastclear.
The other thing to note is that depending on the browser some only partly download the file as at some point they say, this is a file not normally downloaded and ask you to click ann. often inaccessible button, and I have actually gone into settings and disabled this 'feature' in Firefox etc, as its a pest of the first degree.
Incidentally why not use the latest nvda?

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Hello Group,

I have a Windows 7 computer, NVDA 2017, Firefox 52, and am interested
to download and set up SpyBot on my computer, or even if possible, go
to their website and do a scan if that exists anymore as an option.

If I download something, I press save. Then I press alt-r to run the
setup file, but in a lot of cases, I cannot tell that I can proceed to
install the program. I can go to downloads and find the wanted file,
press enter, but it remains as it was before doing alt-r to run. What
step or steps am I missing to advance to installation?
This happened with Avast, Malware Bytes and something else a while
back. Those previous have been deleted. Thanks for the help in

David Russell

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