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In firefox you can invoke the download list as well
Its control j
In this window you can also pull down a context menu and go directly to the download folder and other good stuff.
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Internet Explorer has a run command so you can run an installer from a web site. With firefox, save the installer, then go to it however you go to any file and run it.

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From: David Russell
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Subject: [nvda] Help Please, Downloading Spybot

Hello Group,

I have a Windows 7 computer, NVDA 2017, Firefox 52, and am interested
to download and set up SpyBot on my computer, or even if possible, go
to their website and do a scan if that exists anymore as an option.

If I download something, I press save. Then I press alt-r to run the
setup file, but in a lot of cases, I cannot tell that I can proceed to
install the program. I can go to downloads and find the wanted file,
press enter, but it remains as it was before doing alt-r to run. What
step or steps am I missing to advance to installation?
This happened with Avast, Malware Bytes and something else a while
back. Those previous have been deleted. Thanks for the help in

David Russell

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