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I'm not saying you shouldn't discuss these things, but you make it sound as though a lot of people will have serious problems.  That is what I disagree with.  and I said, when properly taught.  There is a lot of inferior teaching about ribbons.  And I suspect the reason the Microsoft representative said to embrace ribbons is for the reason I said, that you lose functionality or features when you try to force ribbons to be menus.  But others will have to comment on that.
As far as the JAWS attempt to force ribbons to be menus, see this article.  It discusses the inconveniences and problems encountered when you use the JAWS system.

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This is a huge can of worms. I personally feel that they are dire for blind
users, but some people on here think that once you grasp the concept they
are in fact easy.
 Its a classic case of the way your brain visualises the concepts.
 I did notice Jaws can be set to pretend they are normal menus, but my
feeling here is that since you can use a simple add on to alter them  ie
ribbon remover, then I see no reason why Microsoft do not offer the
themselves, but in a recent interview with Jenny at Microsoft she merely
said, Embrace the ribbon, which I took to mean  they are dogmatically
against it.
 Bah humbug I say.

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> Running latest NVDA and Win 10 1809.
> The old addage of teaching a old dog new tricks fits this situation.
> Having great difficulty in using the ribbon while in file explorer. Are
> there any tutorials as how to use such ribbons?
> Thanks

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