Help Please NVDA With Spybot Cont.

David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello again,

Brian and all, thanks for the input thus far. Let me try and walk you
through what happens.
- I go to the link you provided and press enter on the Spybot Free Edition.
- At the appropriate juncture, I press enter on download and enter on save.
- I then go to the desktop, go to my download folder, find the Spybot
file, press enter, and press enter on run to set up.
It is there, that NVDA says something to the effect, Desktop secured.
Nothing happens after waiting several moments.
Yes, I am sure files delete from the download folder when deleted.
I will get a number stating files remaining.
There must be a setting in FireFox preventing me from running a setup,
but do not have an idea what it would be. Any clues?
I assume the file downloads because it is in the download folder. Thanks again.

David Russell

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