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On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 11:11 AM, Gene wrote:
I am skeptical and suspicious of ribbon removing programs.  I suspect you lose functionality when you try to force one interface to become another interface.  I hope people comment on that. 
I honestly can't say whether you lose functionality or not, simply because there are options in what one can get for an "interface changer" as well as the fact that "losing functionality" is definitely based on what a given individual generally uses.  There are scads of bells and whistles that have been added over the years that I, or any given person, just don't use and we don't care one whit whether they're available to us or not.

The above being said, it makes no sense to keep shoe-horning OS operating environments into looking like something that was an ancestor.  Eventually that breaks, but more importantly it quite literally hobbles one's ability to use the OS as the OS is.   Unless you are someone who will never, ever touch another computer, anywhere, that runs the same OS as yours does you will be left wandering in the proverbial forest when you actually have to deal with the user interface as designed and shipped.  There is no good reason to do that, period.

Nothing is so constant as change, and as far as Windows 10 goes it's far more like Windows 7 and earlier in the overall UI than Windows 8 or 8.1 were.  I have not yet had a blind or visually impaired client go through an extended "tearing my hair out" period when they transitioned to Windows 10.   You can do most tweaks within the UI provided to make it feel very familiar without actually putting the mask that is an interface changer on top of it.

The fact of the matter is, blind or not, when it comes to technology you either go with the flow or you eventually get drowned.  And those that most actively resist the flow tend to get dragged under first.

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