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Might one ask a simple question here. if this is just work done on the original speech player somebody should encourage them to send it to the add ons people for review and possible inclusion in the add ons list as it is bound to need some changes to cope with python3 adoption and its far easier if it is a legal accepted add on.
Also might I say, I'm in no hurry to have an Eloquence myself, but if it really is not any copyright infringement of the current copyright holders, then all the more reason to shove it where its going to get most exposure. Also of course if its based on the older Espeak, its pronunciations will be better in English than the current espeak NG is included in NVDA, though of course you are going to have some reduction in performance as some new bits of nvda need more modern syynths to operate correctly. I use the speech player in Espeak but with my own Quincy voice which I have also now put onto the Espeak Sappi version and am using in Jaws.
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A few years back nv-access made an improved ESpeak that was called nv-speech player. Since then a few people have greatly improved it! I just tried it a few minutes ago and it sounds great! It sounds almost exactly like eloquence, sort of, or maybe keynote gold, kind of. There is other stuff on this site which I will not discuss for legal reasons. And please just ignore that other *stuff*. Just focus on the free nv speech player! First, the website with the modded and improved speech player stuff. Direct link.

Now here is my favorite version of the speech player addon modified by Jason bratcher. Perhaps, with this new speech player, someone can modify its intonations and make a keynote gold speech player voice? And give it more languages?

more speech player voices.

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