Question About Portable Installation of NVDA

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

Well, I got my new old back up computer--a Windows 7 with 4 GB RAM and a duel core processor.

I do not have speech on it. This was semi-deliberate. That is to say, the seller wasn't familiar with that type of thing. I got the system set up and it boots into Windows; no problem. I thought I'd be cool and advanced and create a portable version of NVDA to gain audible access to the system. I created it from the 2016.2 installer no problem. I placed it on a USB drive and created a shortcut so that when I heard the Windows sound on the new system for USB active, I could just press the corresponding first letter to navigate to the shortcut and press enter. It worked fine on my new main system. I tried this on the new old system and for some reason, It doesn't work. When I highlight the shortcut that i created which begins with an exclamation point, and press enter, nothing happens. What could I be doing wrong?

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