Re: first read all - then react - nvda list has become a chatter group

Sarah k Alawami

I do the same thing, or I will just read with out reading, that is, open all the message then close them and skim, or mark everything as read allowing me to go through over a thousand messages that come in through out the week day. Weekends are quieter. There is also the delete key. If I'm not interested I remove the conversation or mute it with mail mate on mac os or mute it on I've already done tis to several threads that don't interest me, except in lists I mod I have to read everything there.

Take care

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Although I sympathise, there are times when certain people lay down a law which is not in fact true, and each person will have their own take on it, IE there is no right way to decide on whether to install a ribbon remover or learn them. One of the functions here is to explain choices and signpost people to other resources Second. If we all had email that flowed to use in a linear time line it would be wonderful, but sadly that is not the case. IE for example I may read a thread here, and see a few replies and add mine, only say several hours later to find old emails have come in from prior to mine and made me seem to be repeating things. OK so you hold off, but then you forget to look back.

I'm not saying you are in any way wrong, merely suggesting that what may look to some as a chat list, is in fact not being treated that way in the posters mind at a given time. It is thus very hard to stop it without getting draconian on moderation and risking throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I've seen it on lists I have left due to that my rule is the only rule enforcement lots of times.

What I suggest is to do what I do. I use a particular email for lists. I use pop 3 clients and sort the mails automatically into folders as they come in. I also have a junk folder for certain subject lines and in some instances certain posters messages. You do not have to read all the responses if you set up the viewing order correctly.

Text, thankfully takes up little room.


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Hi folks

I’ve been thinking a long time to post it or not but after the useless discussion over the usage of ribbons and the heavy mail traffic over and over again ...

Please people, this group is to ask questions and if you have one, feel free to start a topic. But ... before you do so, don’t be lazy and have you checked google before, have you checked the nvda or windows manuals or learning stuff before? OK still no answer for you, ask questions. By doing that there will be less list traffic. Second, we all get tons of mails and are not always behind our desktops or laptops. If you want to help people and react, please read your mails until the latest updates and then react on it once or twice. I don’t want to blame or name people here, but we all know who ... there are chaps here that react and react and react on every single mail. I notice that the purpose of this group helping people has gone by. We are all telling eachother in endless threads how it was how it would and how it should be. Please, please, stay with facts only. If we go on like this, many intelligent people will leave this fine group so that knowledge will be gone more and more. Regards Davy

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