Re: first read all - then react - nvda list has become a chatter group

Sarah k Alawami

That doesn't. work. Asa mod for about 15 to 17 yers I can say that people ignore it, people like myself, and yes I have broken my own rules every once in a while..

Take care and happy Saturday.

On 3 Nov 2018, at 5:53, Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:

In that case perhaps a moderator could put up a sticky topic reminding people not to go off-topic? > On 3 Nov 2018, at 12:39, Christian Schoepplein chris@... > wrote: > > Hej, > >> On Sat, 03 Nov 2018 04:26:26 -0700, Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote: >> People who feel annoyed being bombarded by emails from this group >> can always set there preferences two no email. > > Ofcourse this is a way to deal with the problem, but its the wrong > way IMHO. In this list there are so many off topic messages about > things that are not related to NVDA and this has to be minimized to > get back to the real topic of this list. > > Cheers, > > Schoepp > > >

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