profile triggers

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I was looking at the NVDA user guide section on activating different profiles with triggers such as for a specific application. I suspect the anser to this will be no, but is there any way to make a trigger respond to whether the audio is being played through the laptop internal speakers, headphones or over bluetooth?

When I use my bluetooth speakers NVDA's volume is very loud compared to audio being played by WinAmp. I tried makeing a profile with a lower volume level that is triggered when WinAmp is active, but the moment focus moves out of Winamp NVDA's volume jumps back to the normal profile. I tried adjusting the volume level of my normal profile down to 50 percent (it's at 100 by default) but then once I turn off the bluetooth speakers NVDA is hard to hear and I'd have to raise the level in the Windows volume or go into NVDA profile and bring the volume back up to 100 percent there.

Using the volume mixer also suffers from the same combination of volume difference ... If I lower NVDA's volume there then once I switch from bluetooth to laptop speakers NVDA's volume is too low!

So, to cut a long question short, is there anyway to get NVDA's volume to adjust automatically dependent on whether laptop speakrs, headphones or bluetooth speakers are active?



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