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Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <>

Of course I am talking about what NVDA report.
I can't see the screen at all, and rely only on NVDA.

Gene 於 5/11/2018 14:35 寫道:

How do you see these tabs?  Do you see them visually or using another screen-reader?  If I start at the top and move down the page you linked to, I see the following four links in this order:
Videos, Playlists, Community, Channels
You didn't list all the tabs but they sound as though they are the same as I see as links.  I see many sites with tabs, see the New York Times Home Page:
 and look rather near the bottom of the page.  At this point, I don't know if you are actually asking about tabs.  You may be asking about links that look to sighted users like tabs.  I'm not assuming you are doing what I will now discuss, but I'm discussing these matters because I don't know and to help others who may be following the thread.
Never believe or assume anything based on what you see.  Look at the site in detail before you conclude something isn't there and don't let a difference instructure fool you.  If you see something visually as a tab and you find a link with exactly the same wording, it's very likely the same thing but shown to sighted people as one thing and which a screen-reader sees as another.  Are these links what I think you are seeing as tabs?
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA navigating tab element in webpage

Some web page has the "tab" elements ,the following are two examples
In youtube, each channel, at the top there are four tab e.g. Video,
playlist, etc like that one:

also like the qtranslate page, there are few tabs like How to install
dictionary?; What's new in 6.7.1? etc in

As far as I know currently NVDA do not have any keystroke to navigate to
those tab element, isn't it?
Will there be any work on that?

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