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chris miles

On 06/11/2018 15:17, Jackie wrote:
Because there has been some interest expressed in this on the NVDA
group, I'm posting to both lists. Please reply to me directly if you
have questions at AbleTec at GMail dot com & not to either list. This
address has been munged to prevent spam harvesting, so cutting &
pasting won't work. Sorry. The pertinent details regarding the list
are in my signature.

The list welcomes all members of the WordPress community. Special
emphasis is on helping beginners get their sites up & running.
Obviously, we also hope that those folks who received help will
consider staying on once they've become proficient & pay it forward to
those who come behind them. 1 individual can't possibly do all the
work, so please, WordPress experts, join up & help usher new folks
into the WordPress fold.


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