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There are several ways to provide suggestions and feedback for NVDA.  The most official is the GitHub page:

From that main page you can use the edit box to search for words relating to your suggestion or issue to see if it has come up before.  EG: here are the results of a search for "bard":

So nobody has yet filed an issue for Bard apparently.  That can be done by using the "New Issue" button:  On the new issue screen there are two edit boxes, one for the title (try to be descriptive but in about one line, eg "NVDA only reads part of the annotation in the BARD app" (I'm not personally familiar with the BARD app, so maybe someone who is would be more familiar with what you mean by annotation).  The other edit box has instructions in it for what information to include, but basically follow the prompts in the text for what to include.

You can also report issues here or by email to us (info@...).  The advantage of reporting directly on GitHub is that not only NV Access staff see those, but other contributors to the project, who may be able to help and may have an interest in writing the particular code.  The advantage of reporting issues here in the group is that if you are not sure whether something is a bug or not (eg if there is a trick to reading annotations in Bard that you are not aware of), someone will often read it sooner and be able to respond (if anyone knows).



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Suggestions for NVDA. for example, in the BARD app NVDA only reads part of the annotation. when some how Jaws reads all of it.
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Not knowing what you mean by "suggestions" I will presume you mean a suggestion about how the group is run or managed.  If that's the case:


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