Re: Be the first to try a new Dropbox desktop app


You are making the mistake of believing that language still is used reasonably precisely and that people are reasonably careful about how they use words.  English is becoming increasingly unclear.  I just did a google search looking for information about the new app, which is presumably in beta or soon will be.  I found nothing.  But I did find that Drop box routinely refers to its current desktop application as an app.  Just one more example of the decline of English.  So there is no way to know what the new app or application will be.  Do you have a place where we can read about it?  Since I find nothing with a Google search, that raises the question of how long it will be before this app or application is deployed. 

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I haven't had the guts to try the new desktop app to see what has changed and what stays the same. It will be the new app eventually, though. Replacing the current desktop app. They keep calling it an app, which already makes me sigh and roll my eyes because I assume it means, windows Metro app.

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