Re: Basic html for gmail


This is strange.
Although I saved basic html as default, when I return to my gmail
account standard view still comes up and I have to click on the button
for basic html.
As I said earlier, I do this with JAWS as NVDA does not see the button
at the top of standard view.

On 11/8/18, Nevzat Adil <nevzatadil@...> wrote:
Thank you all for your suggestions.
NVDA does not see the button at the top right after the title saying
inbox in standard view which says view basic html.
I used JAWS to click on that button which
took me to basic html view and was able to find the link to set it as
Whether the screen layout was on or of did not matter.
Having a second screen reader as a back up certainly helps.

On 11/8/18, Mobeen Iqbal <mobeeniqbal@...> wrote:

Also, make sure your screen layout is turned off. insert V should do it.
If you don't turn it off you may be missing links.



On 08/11/2018 17:30, Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io wrote:
stay in the same area, use arrow keys to get to set as html view, then
press enter
then in the same area, use arrow keys to get to set html view as
default and press enter


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Hello group,

I changed to standard view in gmail today and now I cannot make basic
html as my default view. Whenever I close and come bakc to gmail it
loads as standard view.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Nevzat Adil

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