Re: Meet NVDA 2016.2, bringing spelling error beep, grammar error detection and more to your work, home and everything in between #NVAccess #release

Jolene Cardenas


I had just downloaded and installed this version of NVDA a few days
ago and noticed that it still wouldn't let me save my current
configuration settings.

I'm aware that some of you have shared helpful tips on how I could do
this in the previous version, but I admit I had waited until this new
version came out before doing anything, and it still wouldn't let me
save the configurations.

Is there something else I could do besides something drastic like
uninstalling this current version of NVDA from my Windows 10-based
Asus laptop, deleting the Profile folder from my Users folder, and
then reinstalling it again?

Since I don't have a backup laptop or device of any kind to use in
case something goes wrong, I'm afraid of doing anything drastic.
Please help.

Thank you very much, and have a good day.



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