Re: Basic html for gmail


hi again.
i dont have jaws and only use nvda.
i did not have any problem for returning to basic html using nvda and firefox!

On 11/9/18, Arlene <> wrote:
Hi there: For me I just hit basic view. Or whatever it is. there's a
place where you can have basic view as your default. I just choose
it. Once you get into Gmail. there's a choice of basic or standard.
Basic is the first option if you want it! I hope I was some help!

On 11/8/18, Nevzat Adil <> wrote:
Hello group,

I changed to standard view in gmail today and now I cannot make basic
html as my default view. Whenever I close and come bakc to gmail it
loads as standard view.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Nevzat Adil

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