Re: Question About Portable Installation of NVDA

Ron Canazzi

Hi Jean,

I placed the shortcut in the root of the USB drive and the only other thing on it was the folder containing NVDA system files. The issue was that I wasn't sure which drive was being recognized as the USB drive. I ran narrator (which I should have done before I made the post to this list) and found that out. Everything is good.

On 6/4/2016 8:51 PM, Gene New Zealand wrote:

Which way are you trying to do it? is the shortcut on the desktop and
you have it pointing to your usb stick?

A while ago I put together a page for both the usb stick and CD version
of NVDA when you wanted to take it portable.

The CD version works fine as long as the autoplay part is enabled and
also under the run or install section.

The usb sitck can be started a few different ways depending if the
autoplay menu is on or not.

Any how there is tutorials on how to do this for windows 7 and windows
10 if you are interested.

They can be found on my nvda audio tutorials page at

When you get to it jump down by heading to the sections that refer to
the usb version and Cd version.

Where there is a windows log on screen I have not even gone there and do
not know if it can be done that way.

Gene nz

On 5/06/2016 8:59 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

Well, I got my new old back up computer--a Windows 7 with 4 GB RAM and
a duel core processor.

I do not have speech on it. This was semi-deliberate. That is to say,
the seller wasn't familiar with that type of thing. I got the system
set up and it boots into Windows; no problem. I thought I'd be cool
and advanced and create a portable version of NVDA to gain audible
access to the system. I created it from the 2016.2 installer no
problem. I placed it on a USB drive and created a shortcut so that
when I heard the Windows sound on the new system for USB active, I
could just press the corresponding first letter to navigate to the
shortcut and press enter. It worked fine on my new main system. I
tried this on the new old system and for some reason, It doesn't
work. When I highlight the shortcut that i created which begins with
an exclamation point, and press enter, nothing happens. What could I
be doing wrong?

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