Re: Be the first to try a new Dropbox desktop app


I figured out why nobody was reporting on it. It's a private invitation to try the alpha version. The below is the feedback email link and the features the page touts. I won't retain formatting when pasting, but I hope it helps others anyway. I'm curious though, why it seems to be only me who has gotten this invite? Probably because I use it daily. Dropbox, that is.

The below links are in markdown, so, sorry to all the people who still view these in plain text. Oh well. :)

Their help page on the new desktop app.

Their feedback email

Work smarter Access up-to-date files—and see who else can view them—from one window. Work faster Star folders for quick access and get moving with one-click access to the app. Work together Easily organize and share project files, manage access to content, and view updates—right from your desktop. Start working with the new Dropbox desktop app today Get app

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