Re: Basic html for gmail

Ann Byrne

You need to find the 'save settings' or 'save changes' button to make the changes stick.

At 07:37 AM 11/9/2018, you wrote:
Robert, I tried the link you gave and I was able to directly go to
basic html, but when I returned it still loaded standard view and I
was able to go to focus mode and find the basic html view button doing
shift+tab. Clicking on that button it took me back to basic html. When
I returned again standard view
was loaded.

I followed Heaven's suggestions and changed browser, but since I do
not have IE on my computer I set Google Crome as my default and it
went directly to basic html.
Changing browser did the trick.

I did not like leaving Firefox, but as I use gmail quite often I did
not want to go through extra steps every time for basic html.

Thank you all for your valuable suggestions.

On 11/9/18, Robert Kingett <> wrote:
[Edited Message Follows]
[Reason: I added the link as markdown link to my previous message.]

Here's how to make NVDA read the basic HTML button. The link in post 2 will
set basic HTML as default view but if standard still loads, follow these
steps. The below link will do it automatically.

[Set basic HTML as the

1. Open gmail.
2. Enter forms mode, focus mode, whatever it's called.
3. Shift tab, until you hear basic HTML view button. This button is at the
very top of the website. The button is not visible in browse
mode. You need,
need, need! To switch to forms mode in order to see the button.

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