Re: The word "alert" in Google Chrome


One instance is when on Youtube.  Alert is telling you that an advertisement is playing or going to play.  but I don't know if you hear alert unless you can skip the ad.  the alert may be Chrome showing a message that the ad can be skipped.  I don't know when else you might hear alert.  It clearly is marginally useful, but at least it may tell you that something of interest might be available such as in the Youtube case.  But unless I was encountering something I didn't want to encounter, such as an advertisement playing, I usually just ignore the alert announcement.

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From: Felix G.
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2018 6:31 AM
Subject: [nvda] The word "alert" in Google Chrome

Hello everyone,
when working with Chrome and NVDA I often hear the word "alert" by
itself, that is, without any hint as to what the alert is about and
how to react to it. Can anyone relate to this and offer a
non-speculative explanation?
Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend,

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