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I normally run that script I posted about every 5 or so years and put that * there. Then it will remove everything from 2-3 years back. This way I have a 2-3 year window to work for for disputes etc. This filter will by the way take all night to run but it does work and work well. This is by the way how you can I think remove all emails or multiple emails from certain labels as well. I don't know how to apply that to the script but it is an option.

On 10 Nov 2018, at 8:14, Brian Vogel wrote:

What I don't get is why you'd ever delete anything from anywhere other than "All Mail" (the archive).   If you are archiving absolutely everything then deleting from the inbox will never delete anything in reality, as you've found, as what's deleted will still have presence in the archive.  Anything in Gmail that has two labels on it isn't going away.  Only stuff with the trash label that's been assigned that label for 30 days will be deleted "naturally."

You can, of course, do manual purges, too, but I don't understand why one would do that other than from All Mail.

I don't generally archive anything.  If it's to be kept it sits in Inbox and I can easily find it via a search.  But, to each his or her own.

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The terrible state of public education has paid huge dividends in ignorance.  Huge.  We now have a country that can be told blatant lies — easily checkable, blatant lies — and I’m not talking about the covert workings of the CIA. When we have a terrorist attack, on September 11, 2001 with 19 men — 15 of them are Saudis — and five minutes later the whole country thinks they’re from Iraq — how can you have faith in the public? This is an easily checkable fact. The whole country is like the O.J. Simpson jurors.

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