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That implies then that Firefox is not being as clever as Chrome. Could it be cookie related?
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Nancy, thanks for that, but I have done it a few times and when I
return it still loads the standard view. Yesterday my NVDA did not see
the button for basic html view so I had to use JAWS, but a list member
told me that NVDA will see it in focus mode. So I tried that, too.
With google Crome it loads directly to basic html, but since my
favorite browser is Firefox, my final solution was to bookmark basic
I have no idea why despite I saved basic html view and NVDA tells me
my preference have been saved still loads to standard view when I
Anyway, now I just click on the bookmark and I get html view.

On 11/10/18, Nancy Shackelford <> wrote:
You must first use the Basic HTML view, then there's a place to "Set
Basic HTML as default view." Then, next time you open Gmail, it'll be
on that view. However, if you switch to standard, you will then have
to go back to Basic HTML and set it as default once again.


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