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Sarah k Alawami

I find I also have to hit the button as well in firefox. In chrome it just works. And I have it to accept cookies as well.

On 10 Nov 2018, at 10:42, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:

That implies then that Firefox is not being as clever as Chrome. Could it be cookie related? Brian

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Nancy, thanks for that, but I have done it a few times and when I return it still loads the standard view. Yesterday my NVDA did not see the button for basic html view so I had to use JAWS, but a list member told me that NVDA will see it in focus mode. So I tried that, too. With google Crome it loads directly to basic html, but since my favorite browser is Firefox, my final solution was to bookmark basic html. I have no idea why despite I saved basic html view and NVDA tells me my preference have been saved still loads to standard view when I return. Anyway, now I just click on the bookmark and I get html view. Nevzat

On 11/10/18, Nancy Shackelford n.k.nancelady@... wrote: > You must first use the Basic HTML view, then there's a place to "Set > Basic HTML as default view." Then, next time you open Gmail, it'll > be > on that view. However, if you switch to standard, you will then have > to go back to Basic HTML and set it as default once again. > > Nance > > -- > Nancy Shackelford --Walk On Faith And Trust In Love - Michael Reid-- > > > >

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