Re: Introducing three new add-ons and two updated add-ons: AudioChart, Bluetooth Audio, TextNav #addonrelease


Where are the links for the new addons?

On 11/10/18, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
Hi all,

On behalf of the NVDA add-ons community, I'm delighted to announce that
three new add-ons have joined the ranks of community add-ons. Along with
add-ons, two add-ons are seeing updates today.

New add-ons (all by Tony Malykh):

* AudioChart: read chart information in Excel audibly (beeps).
* Bluetooth Audio: improves responsiveness of NvDA when using
Bluetooth audio devices.
* TextNav: split from SentenceNav, adds more convenient paragraph
navigation commands.


* SentenceNav 2.0 (Tony Malykh)
* Add-on Updater 18.11.1 (Joseph Lee)

In case of Add-on Updater, version 18.11.1 (not 18.12 yet) adds support for
updating the three just released add-ons.




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