Re: how to set nvda auto read


But you can resume reading after moving the cursor with the speak to end command.  In the desktop layout, the command is NVDA key down arrow. 
If you are using the laptop layout, the command is NVDA key a.
The Speak to end command will start reading from wherever you are in the document.  You can open a document, not move at all, and start reading in that way.  If you are loading a web page, reading begins automatically but in most situations, you have to manually issue the read to end command to start reading, such as when in a word processor. 

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Simple, you can't...
Resuming the SayAll is only valid if you do not press any other key...


Às 19:45 de 10/11/2018, Shradha Holani escreveu:
> Can you tell me, how to restart after pressing Shift and then moving the
> cursor in between, to start reading from the new cursor position?
> Thanks,
> Shradha Holani

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