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Yes well, the fact is cdex can actually look at the text on disc, and that in most cases gets me out of the awkward issue of not having any database for that ced. Of course home made cds are a whole other thing and will need you to manually do them.Beware if you do though to only submit them to your local database or it will cause problems as the checksum could be in use by something more mainstream.
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I wouldn't use itunes, unless you have an apple device, its bloated and well overkill if all you want are simple cd wripping.

Nch software has a cd ripper, its full of adds but if you use it its accessible and you can buy it.

I used to use old nero6, it was cracked never was able to afford it myself.

With the latest windows not working with it though at that point 7, and with versions upwards of 6 not being as accessible as I liked I switched to 2 modules.

Goldwave for ripping and cdbxp for writing.

The reason I didn't want to pay is I hardly write cds or dvds at all.

Goldwave doesn't have gracenote like itunes has which is either an disadvantage or advantage depending on how you look at it.

You can submit your data to gracenote and look at updating the database yourself.

On the other hand, apple and everyone will know what you are putting in.

If that matters to you well who knows.

Goldwave like nero6 uses databases, they are not always acurate and I am unsure how they are maintained but they work well enough mostly.

The databases are free and opensource so they are not always that fast accessing but unless you need to do this as a job I wouldn't bother.

If it is a job and or you need to bother itunes will probably do it though just make sure you don't mangle your library its easy to get out of organised sync, it can be regenerated but its a bit of work to do.

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