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I agree with you brian.

I have an apple device, and it needs itunes, and I use itunes, and the main music server libs are in itunes.

Thats all well and good but after a lot of doodling I messed up things a bit.

The main box needed a good reformat of its os drive, but the library was in a terrible state mainly because I never maintained it.

To fix it, you basically need to make a backup of the datafiles, kill the previous itunes folder, kill all the library files, copy back the main itl and open it, then import everything to it.

It can be done but its fiddly as heck.

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Itunes? and you are still sane? Must have a good shrink!
Sorry being silly. I must learn to be sensible!
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ITunes is free, and you can set it so whenever you insert  a cd it will automatically rip or what apple calls import.  You can also set it to retrieve song info from the internet.

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If Windows Media Player is accessible it is included with Windows 10, though Microsoft doesn't advertise the fact. That's been my CD Ripping program of choice for a very long time now.

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