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Microsoft programs such as Media Player and utilities such as the unzip utility are simple in terms of not being nearly as customizable or allowing you to do as many things or setting parameters more demanding users may want to set but they do what the majority of users want done and they do them well. 
At times, they actually are better or more convenient than other widely used programs.  There is a bias against using such programs but consider the following examples:
If you listen to a lot of spoken word material such as podcasts and want to speed up speech while keeping the pitch the same, Windows Media Player does that better than Winamp and VLC Player.  The quality is so much better that I use Windows Media Player for this purpose.  But it isn't as convenient to use in this way, because of the interface as I would like so if anyone knows a program that does this as well and has really compared, I'd like to know.  For speeding speech up by perhaps about thirty or forty percent, other programs may be acceptable and they are more convenient.  But when you get up to something like forty or fifty percent or beyond, there is no comparison in quality between those programs and Windows Media Player.
The zip utility in Windows has a very convenient feature.  If you want to add something to an existing zip archive, copy the file or files to the clipboard, then, leave the folder opened, open the zip folder and paste.  The files will be zipped in that folder. 
You can unzip one or more files to an existing folder by selecting them in the zip folder, leave it opened, open the folder you want to unzip them to, and paste in that folder.  I won't discuss how you zip and unzip entire folders here.
I almost never burn or rip anymore and there may be other programs that are more convenient to use for this purpose but I used Media Player because it isn't difficult, I didn't care about controling more essoteric parameters, and I learned how to do it from curiosity since it was already on the system.  I'm not recommending or not recommending Media Player for ripping and burning.  I'm saying that people may not try it because of a bias against Microsoft small programs and utilities and that bias isn't justified.  For many users, those utilities and programs do what is wanted by most users keeping things more simple, at times doing something better than many other programs, and I think they are at least worth keeping in mind and either trying or asking about.  Some of these small programs may not be as good as the ones I discussed but I'm trying to reduce the bias and open people to considering this option.

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I recently just completed a CD ripping project and ripped over 600 CDs with WMP with no problems at all. WMP data base failed less than 10 times to find the data for those particular CDs. 
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That's what I use for ripping CD's too.




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If Windows Media Player is accessible it is included with Windows 10, though Microsoft doesn't advertise the fact.  That's been my CD Ripping program of choice for a very long time now.


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