Re: Skype ver 8.33


I’ve got the solution to your problem and it’s got nothing to do with skype and doesn’t cost anything.  There’s a tremendous app you can put on the computer and on your smart phone.  It’s called Teamtalk.  You can get it at  When you get to the download page, it’s gonna recommend that you download Teamtalk % Classic for accessibility.  It’s a little more involved to set up than skype and you have to have their help doing it.  They have to activate your server which doesn’t have to be public.  In the case of a private server, you’d have to give someone the credentials (port numbers, servername, etc.)  If you have a decent microphone, you won’t believe the clarity.  And, when you have conversations, you and the other party don’t cut into each other if one of you should happen to start speaking before the other finishes.  There’s just a hugely positive difference between teamtalk and apps like skype and google hangouts.   I hope you decide to try it.  Good luck.

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