Re: Skype ver 8.33

Sarah k Alawami

I use skype and zoom. Skype for one of my jobs and zoom for another. I want to actually start teaching classes so will consider integrating class room like features of zoom if I can figure out how. By the way skype 8 is very very accessible. You jus tneed to use your web browsing functiosn. It's not a big deal really, or won't be if you can think of skype like a a big web page. They have wanted to do this since about 2004 when I started to use skype.

On 12 Nov 2018, at 9:30, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Well skype classic is gone or is soon to be.

Skype 8 is what you will have if you need it.

I know people have used it but fortunately as I have little need of it for business and can switch most of that to email I simply have left that behind.

Its accessible supoposed to be more so but who knows or cares if you don't need it.

On 11/13/2018 3:15 AM, Paul O'Rahilly wrote: > Folks > > Forgive me if you have discussed this already. > > I stupidly upgraded my Skype classic to the latest ver 8.33. > > I'm struggling to make it work with either NVDA or JAWS, with the > same > ease as Skype classic. > > Does anyone have suggestions ?. > > Thanks, Paul > > > > . >

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