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Why aren't you happy with Microsoft Security Essentials?  It had a bad reputation perhaps two or three years ago but its reputation has improved a great deal since then.  It may be worth considering.  I don't know if antivirus ability has been added to Spybot very recently.  It never had this ability in the past and I have no idea how good its antivirus activity is, if present.  I would suggest you do a Google search for Spybot and the version nnumber of the program and write the word review after the name and version number. 
You may be going through trouble and work to use a program you may find you don't want to use but I don't know enough about the program to say if it is a good choice or not.

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Hello Group,

To follow up with Gene and others:

I am using FF version fifty-two presently.
Again, I want to stay with this, and turn off the occasional notices
to update to FF 63 or whatever the numeric. I am not sure how to do
that or if I can?

Here is the link implying Spybot 2.7, which is on my computer,
contains anti-virus. My comment follows.
Here comes 2.7 - Spybot Anti-Malware and Antivirus : Spybot Anti ... Options
May 3, 2018 - This is the new Spybot – Search & Destroy 2.7.64. We are
proud to present a new version of Spybot – Search & Destroy that will
give you not only new features, but better security and faster scans.
Spybot 2.x FAQ

Comment: I am in search of an easy to use AV program and found Avast
difficult to run to install. I am not happy with Microsoft Security
Essentials, and AVG is difficult to update on my own as a blind
person. Thanks.
David Russell

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