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hi chris and all.
as i use windows xp and skype 8 is not supported on xp, i decided to
try other programs.
can you please explane me differences between skype and zoom?
i also tried teamtalk and the quality was extremely great, but the
difficulty is not having account like skype and need port, server, etc
which made teamtalk a little dificult for me in compare to skype which
is more private, i have my account and only have relations with people
who i know.
how about zoom? is it like skype in this regard or like teamtalk?
i really appreciate any help and wish to contact to other people, but
dont know what can i do now!
God bless you all!

On 11/12/18, hurrikennyandopo ... <> wrote:

the following tutorial for skype 8 should help you it can be found off the
following page at

When you go to the page you can jump down by headings to the tutorial for
skype 8 plus the older version. there is a web version which is not up there
at present for skype which will get posted sooner or later.

Gene nz

On 13/11/2018 3:15 AM, Paul O'Rahilly wrote:


Forgive me if you have discussed this already.

I stupidly upgraded my Skype classic to the latest ver 8.33.

I'm struggling to make it work with either NVDA or JAWS, with the same
ease as Skype classic.

Does anyone have suggestions ?.

Thanks, Paul

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