Re: NVDA and add-on updates when a http proxy is used

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One has to ask oneself why you use a proxy. The usual reason is security, ie the proxy can only allow access to certain bits of the web. The second reason is that it stops true tracking if the receiving site sees a different address each time.
So, I'm not aware that anything out there allows you to do what you want. Maybe the system admins can arrange a pass through or maybe they can monitor the sites for the add ons etc you want.
By all means raise an issue on Github, but I'm not sure how the devs might view this.

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in my job I have to use a http proxy to access the internet. The proxy
settings for the browser (Firefox) and the operating system (Win7) are
provided by a proxy.pac file stored on the proxy itself.

Unfortunatly neither NVDA, nor any add-on, can be updated automaticaly. It
seems that NVDA is not using the proxy settings for the browser or
operating system.

Is this a missing feature or can I somewhere specify htt proxy settings
for NVDA? Where can I open a bugreport or feature request for this issue?
Its not uncommon, that proxy servers are used in company environments and
IMHO NVDA should be able to deal with this.

Cheers and thanks for any help,


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