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I've not used it in some time, mainly due to its over invasive tendencies, some of which you have found. I do remember its supposed to be configurable to avoid passwords, but I never found an accessible way to achieve this.
Does it perhaps use a .ini file?
As for anti virus, well its not really an anti virus program, but to some extent it used to highlight things like route kits and such installed by Trojans. Once again though, I found that it was hit and miss, and often getting rid of what it considered to be malware, could trash the machine.
I'll leave it up to others to comment further, but I just found it rather tiresome and went over to Superantispyware, which although not that easy to use, seems to be more reliable and does not remove passwords but does remove cookies associated with tracking, however other problems with it are things like unwanted browser extensions, like the Ask toolbar, which it says I have on one machine but I do not see it, but even if I wanted it to be removed the checkbox to remove it is not accessible.
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Hi NVDA Group,

The best way to do this is just pose my questions. Thanks in advance
for your helpful input.

1. NVDA and Spybot 2.7. Does anyone know if NVDA 2.7, Search and
Destroy, also includes an anti-virus feature? Would a detailed report
of a scan be pretty long reading?

2. As Spybot deletes passwords from browser memory, is there a way to
ensure that it leaves the browser alone so that the current classic
version remains on your computer?
I had to do a system restore to get my old browser back after a scan
session. Overall, I do like Spybot!

Best to All,
David Russell

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