Re: NVDA and add-on updates when a http proxy is used

Christian Schoepplein


On Tue, November 13, 2018 10:10 am, Brian's Mail list account via
Groups.Io wrote:
One has to ask oneself why you use a proxy. The usual reason is security,
ie the proxy can only allow access to certain bits of the web. The second
reason is that it stops true tracking if the receiving site sees a
different address each time.
There are much more reasons why proxy servers are used, but thats not the
point. The fact is, that many companies are using proxy servers and NVDA
seems not to be able to deal with such kind of environments which makes it
more difficult for people to keep their system up to date.

So, I'm not aware that anything out there allows you to do what you want.
Tecnicaly it should be no problem because other software is also able to
use the proxy to check for upgrades and install them. As long as only http
or https is used for the checks and downloads, the proxy should no

Maybe the system admins can arrange a pass through or maybe they can
monitor the sites for the add ons etc you want.

This is the last step to perform and in some environments this will be
inpossible due to security policies, e.g.

By all means raise an issue on Github, but I'm not sure how the devs
might view this.
Thanks for the hint with Github, I will create a request.



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