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I think this would be best suited for add-ons list, but the solution involves studying what’s called “text infos” – a routine used to work with text content.




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Jumping multiple similar objects


I tried down arrowing and pressing control very quickly after down arrowing.  That causes no speech to sound.  If you can have the add on activate control after every down arrow but not on the last one if you want that to be read, that should solve the problem.  I don't know if there is another solution on a more technical level but as a user without technical knowledge of the internal operation, that is what I found.



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Subject: [nvda] Jumping multiple similar objects


We are working on an add-on which allows us to move multiple objects of same type in one go. For e.g, I want to jump 3 lines in a document. We are calling script_review_nextLine() function three times. Here, we are facing an issue, NVDA reads out all the three lines, instead of just reading the third line. May be he is putting all the lines content in queue. Any suggestions, how we can fix it.

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