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It's not a Windows Voice.  it is, in one paid version, a SAPI 5 voice.  SAPI has nothing to do with whether something is a Windows voice.  SAPI is a Windows program interface that allows synthesizers to communicate with Windows.  The legal add-on is not SAPI.  As I said, there is a SAPI 5 version.  You should try both as demos if you are trying to decide which you want.  The legal add-on has lots of really annoying artifacts and, in my opinion, should either be fixed or withdrawn.  And the NVDA page about voices still doesn't caution users about this problem.  Nor does it tell users that a SAPI 5 version is available that doesn't have this problem.  This information should be on the site and users should be advised to try demos of both before making a purchase.  I've written about this before and the page hasn't contained this information and discussion for years.  This is a real disservice to users and it should be corrected yesterday.

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I had no idea Eloquence had become a Windows Voice. I assumed SAPI version 4 would be the old voices (i.e. Mary, Sam, Mike, from long ago.) This is very helpful so thank you.

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