NVDA with Spybot and Mozilla Continued

David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello Group,

Brian, thanks for the input and things to think about per Spybot,
Mozilla, WaterFox and the like. I don't mind passwords being destroyed
by Spybot as I have them noted on a hard copy pad that only I can

I just don't know how reliable Microsoft Security Essentials is or
was. Avast is to 'damn' difficult to install and as said, my history
with AVG wasn't user-friendly at update time.

The problem with the new FireFox versions is it throws off the way I
am used to navigating email and social media. I rely on both! Google
is searchable but just odd to navigate with new versions of FF.

I will look at WaterFox and decide. Meantime, if you or anyone has an
easy-to-install anti-virus program recommend, let me/us know. I prefer
free of charge.. Thanks.

David Russell

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