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I just found something interesting.  I am using firefox Portable and I uninstalled version 63 and then reinstalled it.  I had updated it before, from the first Quantum version through perhaps two others.  On reinstalling, I can see things in the extensions section I couldn't before.  Perhaps updating doesn't change things that need to be changed for better accessibility.  I'll see if browsing is better. 
I still don't know how accessible extensions are but I'll test with noscript again.  But now, I can get to the part of the dialog to disable or uninstal the add-on, which I couldn't before.
What I'm saying may apply to the installed version of firefox as well. 
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From: Gene
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 8:42 PM
Subject: Firefox Quantum and add-ons

I've seen occasional comments about add-ons being unusable in Firefox Chrome by blind users.  I had hoped that there would be improvbement in time but today, I tried to run Noscript and found it completely inaccessible.  I am not using a recent version of NVDA but I doubt that matters.  If it does, I'd like to know.  If the lack of access to these and other add-ons is as extremely poor, nonexistent, to call it what it is, that I experienced today, where does one report such matters or try to get something to be done? 
I did a Google searche for something like add-ons not accessible Quantum Chrome and a few other searches but I didn't find one relevant result.  I didn't even find messages from user discussion pages I would have thought likely to show up in results.
So I have two questions:
Are things as bad as they seem, complete inaccessibility for add-ons, and is any of this improved when using newer versions of NVDA?  I can't use recent versions because none of my machines support them.  I could make my Windows 7 machine support them by installing Service Pack 1, but I'd lose access to a program that is dconvenient to have now and then.  I also almost never use that machine online.

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