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Its this hover too long thing which is the pain.
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Yes, I am unsure why they feel they have to include this feature either.

It looks like it was part of android for a while and they are simply porting it over, one of those one size fits all jobs.

I could see why you wuld want it in a mobile phone, a set and forget, but quickclean is not really usefull for us really in fact some users have had it crash and they have made it just be off, but yeah, its not accessible and actually really not needed by us either.

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The latest release has an issue. If you dally around when going through the buttons, on the new quick thingymajig, it auto activates, leaving you in an inaccessible window, which you have to close to carry on.
It seems to me this so called new feature is simply the old customise feature brought out on the top level and made not to work with a screenreader very well. Hitting custom seems to just behave as before.
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Subject: [nvda] ccleaner new release

Hi all.

Here is a new release and as usual the ini file is here.

The ini file has as usual the ics run for those that want to get the full benifits or simply don't want my file do a control f on ccleaner.ini in notepad and find cfg.

Select every line including the first cfg line and hit delete and then save the file and rerun the program.

Sadly quickclean and the settings to use it are as buggy as ever, ie I can't deselect the buttons or even do anything, and quickclean still has issues but at least now it starts by default as off.

Now as long as piriform or should I say avast corp in their infinit wizdom doesn't reenable the damn setting every few runthroughs that will actually be good.

I suspect the fact that its freezing on some units rather than my issue is probably the issue.

I really hope that at least in portable we don't have to handle these issues its why I switched to portable, firstly the visual panel and then to get away from system monitering.

The thing is, get past the inaccessible configuration and settings, the monitering, the extra not needed things like quickclean and the program is basically accessible once configured.

If you didn't have my ini file you would need sighted help to configure it once, but then you could also edit the ini file, settings mostly are true false 1 or 0 values mostly anyway.

There are custom ini files you can put in or get bits from to.

And there are ways to add things in if you need just remember eventually the datafile entries will slow the engine down.

With all that out the way, ccleaner is still in my view a good program.


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