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If you have ever had Avast, your computer is a mess anyway. I used avastclear to get rid of it and then had to manually delete some stuff and its left me unable to read dropbox dialogues or log in prompts in windows 7.


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Hello Group,

Brian, thanks for the input and things to think about per Spybot,
Mozilla, WaterFox and the like. I don't mind passwords being destroyed
by Spybot as I have them noted on a hard copy pad that only I can

I just don't know how reliable Microsoft Security Essentials is or
was. Avast is to 'damn' difficult to install and as said, my history
with AVG wasn't user-friendly at update time.

The problem with the new FireFox versions is it throws off the way I
am used to navigating email and social media. I rely on both! Google
is searchable but just odd to navigate with new versions of FF.

I will look at WaterFox and decide. Meantime, if you or anyone has an
easy-to-install anti-virus program recommend, let me/us know. I prefer
free of charge.. Thanks.

David Russell

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